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About Us

Our vision for the Sixth Form is:

  • To be the best we can be
  • Aspirational, happy and successful students
  • Inspirational, happy and successful staff

The Sixth Form at Attleborough Academy is a very exciting place to work and learn. It is also a very happy, friendly and supportive community of students and staff.  At our Sixth Form we offer a wide range of courses and additional enrichment activities.

Supporting academic success

The range of courses and experiences offered to students in the Sixth Form has been designed to enable them to achieve academic success, further their progression needs and to provide opportunities to develop other skills and interests. Our linking arrangement with Wymondham College also enables us to extend the number of opportunities and courses available to students.

All our Sixth Form students have the additional opportunity of taking an Extended Project qualification which allows them to explore a specific area of interest in great depth and provides them with the research and study skills that are greatly prized by both universities and future employees.

Personal development and fulfilment

At Attleborough we also recognise that Sixth Form education is about more than gaining qualifications. It is a time for personal development and fulfilment as well as preparation for higher education and employment.

Our dedicated team of Sixth Form tutors are there to offer support and guidance throughout the period of study and the tutorial programme consists of a wide range of information, advice and guidance for successful progression. Our Sixth Form also have a base in a purpose built study centre  the recently opened Forster Centre – and access to the full range of facilities the Academy has to offer.

Independence for students

Whilst our Sixth Form is an integral part of our Academy community, the atmosphere within the Sixth Form differs in that students enjoy a greater degree of independence. We support our Sixth Formers to make constructive use of their increased freedom and  we promote their need to assume a greater degree of personal responsibility and maturity. There is private study time built into individual programmes to assist students in the completion of homework, project work and individual research and students are expected to use this time positively. Effective use of this time is promoted through supervised study periods.

Aims of our Sixth Form:

  • To contribute to the personal, social and academic development of each student.
  • To provide students with a learning environment that is supportive, stimulating and challenging.
  • To encourage and assist students to develop an increasing sense of responsibility for their own learning.
  • To provide students with the appropriate information, advice, guidance and support for their individual progression needs