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Applied Options - BTECs

Applied courses are those that are linked to specific sectors of the economy. Students develop knowledge and skills in relation to the world of work; problem solving, team working, ICT and communication. In some cases, courses offer opportunities to develop and demonstrate practical talents.

Music BTEC offers experience of event planning e.g. organisation of a concert. This allows students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to a real world environment making learning more relevant to them. This experience means students are better prepared for the world of work when they leave the education system, at whatever level.

These courses are assessed through a combination of coursework and examination.

Our Applied Option BTEC courses are at Level 2 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) with each course worth two GCSEs at grade A*-C for the students and 1 GCSE in the performance tables.

These courses are assessed through coursework only.

Courses currently offered within school include:

  • Music
  • PE

For more details and specific course related information, please click here to access the Key Stage 4 Options Booklet 2013.