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Course requirements 

Core Science, Additional Science, Further Additional Science BB or Biology B plus Maths C and English Language C equivalents.

Course description 

Following the Edexcel Advance GCE in Biology A specification, the aims of the GCSE in Biology are to enable students to:

(a) Develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, Biology including developing an interest in further study and careers in the subject.

(b) Appreciate how society makes decisions about Biology-related issues and how Biology contributes to the success of the economy and society.

(c) Develop and demonstrate a deeper appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding of How Science Works.

(d) Develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of Biology and how they relate to each other.

AS Components

Topic 1 – Lifestyle, Health and Risk

Topic 2 – Genes and Health

Topic 3 – Voice of the Genome

Topic 4 – Biodiversity and Natural Resources 

A2 Components

Topics 1 – 4 as per the AS route, plus

Topic 5 – On The Wild Side

Topic 6 – Immunity, Infection and Forensics

Topic 7 – Run For Your Life

Topic 8 – Grey Matter

  • AS Level paper 1: 1hr 30mins Written paper – covers topics 1 and 2
  •  AS Level paper 2: 1hr 30mins Written paper – covers topics 3 and 4
  •  A Level paper 1: 2hr Written paper – covers AS topics and topics 5&6 16 17
  •  A Level paper 2: 2hr Written paper – covers AS topics and topics 7&8
  •  A Level paper 3: 2hr Written paper – covers ALL topics and pre-released reading material

Studying this course can lead on to:

  • a range of different relevant academic or vocational higher education qualifications, such as a Biology or Medicine degree
  • Employment in a relevant sector, such as scientific research
  • Further training such as an apprenticeship