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Helping Your Child Revise

Each year, Deputy Principal Mr. Barns delivers a revision study skills morning for all Year 11 students.

The presentation and videos used in this session are in the presentation below.

You will need to sign in with a school username and password (your son/daughter will be able to provide this for you)

Year 11 Revision Skills Morning 2019



You and your child should have access to GCSEPod, which has several revision 'Pods' which can be accessed to review and test knowledge learned at the Academy. Please encourage your child to make use of GSCEPod; it can be accessed via an app on mobile phones, on tablets etc. and pods can also be downloaded for use away from internet connection. A link to GCSEPod is available from the Home page of this website. Further logon information for students and parents can be found via the leaflets below.