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Dogs at Work at Attleborough Academy

Friday 22nd June 2018 may be “National Bring Your Dog to Work Day” but at Attleborough Academy every day is a ‘dog in at work day’. Over the last eighteen months the Academy has had unusual enrolments in terms of students; Jessie, Kesha, Kiera, Rashi and Daisy are all dogs. They accompany their owners – Mr Seymour, Mrs Wright , Ms Taylor, and Ms Phoenix-  to work most mornings but whilst here, they also have an important job to do.  The dogs are not just there for the mental wellbeing of students however, they also play a key role as ‘reading dogs’:  Students, who are less confident readers, are able to read to the dogs.  The variety of breeds - two Cockapoos, two Hungarian Vizsla’s and a miniature Schnauzer all get on well with each other and really enjoy their interactions with staff and students.  The dogs have been supplied with purple bandannas displaying the academy logo and embroidered with their names to show that  they are part of our academy community. 

 A student commented: ‘we love having Jessie in class with us, she is really calm and if you are having a bad day it makes you feel a bit better if she sits under your chair’. Ms Phoenix, Faculty Head for English commented that recent research has shown that dogs in school are great listeners, can teach us all how to be a little kinder to one another and can certainly ease stress.