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Gifted and Talented Netball Training

Gifted and Talented Netball Training with Ashleigh Neal – Mavericks Super League Player

On Tuesday 21 February, the Year 8 and Year 9 Netball teams received an invitation to a training session run by Ashleigh Neal. Ashleigh is a 28-year-old Australian Netballer who came to England to play Super League Netball. She joined Mavericks last year and has been playing consistently for the team as their GA and WA.

The session was aimed at developing the students' attacking and defending skills, before moving into positional work and a game to finish so that the girls could put their skills into practice.

Huge congratulations go to all the girls who attended the session for their work rate, which was outstanding throughout. 

Year 8 students will have a chance to show their skills in their Netball Tournament on 23 February and the Year 9 girls are through to the League Semi Finals. 

Year 9: Blod Grant, Amelia Anema, Katie Cursons, Tilly Warren Peters, Ellie Wilson, Ellie Wright, Chrissy Daniels, Izzy Banks.

Year 8: Ellen Cursons, Emily Cole, Abbie Wilson, Lucy Rowling, Jade Bilman, Maddison Hall, Emma Leslie, Summer Packard, Charlotte Leslie.