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Impact Campaign

The Impact Campaign: Emergency Services’ Demonstration for Sixth Form

This term our Sixth Form students experienced a tremendous live and interactive lesson on the importance of road safety. The Attleborough Sixth Form car park was taken over by vehicles from all the Norfolk Emergency Services, as they provided a  dramatic demonstration of the dreadful repercussions if enough care is not taken by young drivers on the road. The Impact Campaign was launched by Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Lorne Green, in 2016 with a pledge to tackle road safety, by highlighting the impact of when things go wrong behind the wheel.

Members from the police and other emergency services spoke to the students about their vulnerability as new drivers: how they should do everything to maximise their safety and avoid any risks, as their lives depended on it. Thomas Semmons, 19, spoke to AAN Sixth Formers about his personal experience of being seriously injured after losing control of his car in bad weather on the B1145. His wrecked car was shown at the presentation and he movingly related how his crash nearly destroyed his life, and the impact it had on his life and that of his family and friends. The Attleborough students also watched a demonstration of how the emergency services rescue someone from a wrecked car. Attleborough Sixth Former, Elliiot Lascelles, was clothed in safety helmet and body suit, before he acted as an accident volunteer trapped in a wrecked car.

All our students were deeply moved by the morning’s presentation and spoke about how they had gained greater awareness about road safety.