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A Level Biology Trip to London Zoo and ZSL

On Tuesday 21 February, Year 12 and 13 A Level Biology students visited London Zoo and attended a lecture at the ZSL meeting rooms in the evening as part of their studies on Biodiversity and Conservation.

The students spent the day at London Zoo where they observed the wide range of animals; learning more about both their adaptations and evolution and the importance of captive breeding programs for conservation. Then, in the evening, they attended a packed lecture hall on the conservation of the critically endangered species of mammal, the Pangolin. The lecture featured three guest speakers who outlined the evolutionary history of the Pangolin, the reasons why they face extinction, a case study of the conservation work conducted in Cameroon and the challenges faced when trying to tackle the attitudes of consumers who purchase illegal animal products. The insightful lecture was a real eye opener into the broad range of issues encountered when conserving an endangered species. Both the zoo visit and the lecture will provide the students with a valuable context for their A Level Biology studies and a great time was had by all.