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National Link Project with Ambler School

Attleborough Academy 7EB1 English class were very pleased this month to each receive a personal letter from students from Ambler School in London. The decorated envelopes containing the letters were opened in their English lesson and the students shared the news they contained and the information about the lives and experiences of the students in this inner city London school. The letters were part of Attleborough Academy’s four year National link project with Ambler School  in Islington London.. The project was established by Attleborough Assistant Principal, Mrs McConnell, and Ambler Headteacher Ms Juliet Benis with the aim of  sharing  the contrasting school, and life experiences.

One Attleborough student commented on receiving the letters that were a response to the ones they wrote to Ambler students earlier in the year: “It is just so exciting to receive a letter. It is the waiting for it that makes it just thrilling; it is not like email where you get it immediately. And you can hold it and take your time to read” Another student said “ It is brilliant to get to know someone who is a similar age and lives somewhere completely different to me. The student who writes to me speaks two other languages- that must be incredible – but they like the same things I do”