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R G Carter Bridge Building Session


R G Carter’s Bridge Building for Year 12

We have actively strived this year to develop our working relationships with a greater range of organisations in the East Anglian region. Since September, we have had regular meetings with R G Carters. The aim behind this is to extend the opportunities for our students by looking for ways to give them further work experience and develop knowledge and skills to prepare them better for the requirements of workplaces both locally and nationally.  The R G Carter Group, founded in 1921, is a family owned business with a proud ninety year history, achieving growth and success by combining strong traditional values with an innovative and forward thinking approach. R G Carter, who provide construction, Civil Engineering and Project Management services, has a network of offices based throughout the Central and Eastern regions of the United Kingdom, and provide design, sustainable, partnered construction and project management services for private and public sector clients on projects ranging from £50 to over £50 million. They are currently extending their Civil Engineering business into Attleborough with a large new site, and offers great potential to increase the knowledge of our students about the extensive range of employment possibilities available in the construction and Civil Engineering industry.

This year, as part of the Sixth Form induction process, the entire Year 12 in Attleborough took part in a fantastic Bridge Building session run across three hours by Alan Smith, RG Carter’s General Manager for Civil Engineering, and supported by a team from RG Carter. The morning began with a presentation full of fascinating insights and factual information about construction and the challenges of design and creation, with particular focus on the requirements of effective safe bridge building. The students were then presented with the design challenge of producing, in teams, a weight bearing bridge with only paper, string and tape for the construction. They had to spend time designing, exploring the dichotomy between aesthetic appeal and maxim load bearing, before working together to construct their designs. The students were thoroughly engaged throughout the workshop. It concluded with each bridge being put to the test in a competition to find the most effective construction: some of the paper constructions carried an amazing weight load! The team that took the most weight, seconded by the team with the best looking bridge, all won a tub of chocolates, thoughtfully provided by the RG Carters team.

General Manager of RG Carter civil Engineering Alan Smith commented after the event:

“RG Carter Civil Engineering ran a bridge building event at Attleborough Academy for about 100 Year 12 students. The objectives of the session were to give an introduction to the engineering process (from concept to construction); to make immediate use of new knowledge; and give a taste of what engineering is about. The students solved the problems extremely well; developed some very creative designs, and through teamwork managed to have fun too!!  Well done to all students – an excellent effort.”