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Work Experience and Sixth Form A2A Programme of Study

From September we have introduced a completely new course programme for Sixth Form students: the A2A course. This year we have fifteen students who enrolled on this programme, part of which entails a full day a week of work experience throughout the academic year. We have been incredibly lucky in that a wide range of local businesses have embraced the opportunity to provide Attleborough Academy students with on-the-job experience: from Primary and Infant Schools, through different sector charities, car repairs, restaurants, retailers and manufacturers. The work experience helps our students to develop essential skills that will prepare them for a successful future in the workplace. Sixth Former Cameron has been working with ‘The Lighthouse Charity’ in Attleborough where he has created advertising documents and been involved in their programme to support the elderly in their usage of computers. Lauren, Lewis and Jakub have all carried out a variety of tasks in different charity shops in Attleborough and Wymondham: BREAK, EACH and Feline Care. Sixth Former Sam has gained additional experience in his family manufacturing business Eastern Attachments whilst Jamie has been working at DSN Classics in Attleborough which manufactures individual parts for classic cars using innovative technology.

 A2A Student Dagmara has carried out her day a week work learning at Attleborough Infant School where she has really enjoyed supporting the staff working with the young students in the classroom. Ms Lucy Wayman, Headteacher of Attleborough Infant School commented: “We are happy to support learners at every age and stage of their educational journey. This is a great opportunity for our schools to work together.”

Jade has also made a wonderful start at ‘The Courtyard Tearooms’, an Attleborough business, owned by an Academy student’s parent, Alyson Brett. Manager Ms Elaine Thorpe commented on the involvement with the academy’s new programme: “The Courtyard Tearooms has only been open for just over a year, but we really feel part of the community; working with the Academy is  a part of this. Jade is a fast learner and has fitted in immediately – I think she is brilliant!!”

At Robert Kemp Cars in Attleborough, a car repairs company with M.O.T. Station, that has been in business since 1986, owner Robert Kemp commented on the benefits of the relationship between Attleborough Academy and local workplaces: “I think this is the best thing ever -  that a Sixth Form student is able to come here and do something he really enjoys whilst also learning very useful practical skills.” Sixth Former Steven has obviously settled in at the car repairs workshop well as Robert Kemp commented: “ I am delighted to have the opportunity to help train an Attleborough student. Steven shows fantastic interest in the job. He is polite and very hardworking and the work experience he carries out with us will provide him with an excellent foundation to continue in this line of work in the future”

This fledgling A2A programme, along with providing opportunities for students to increase their qualifications within the academy timetable,  is also having a very positive impact by providing practical learning opportunities in the workplace. Assistant Principal Mrs Carmina McConnell, who has been working to establish this programme said “We have had a fantastic response from local workplaces who really engaged with the idea of bringing an academy student into their workplaces once a week to guide them into developing new practical work skills. Supported by Assistant Head of Sixth Ms Claire Allsworth, and the A2A group’s form tutor Ms Emma Thompson, the students have embraced this valuable opportunity and many have gained great confidence from the ability they have shown in the different work areas.”

If you are a local business and you are interested in accepting a Sixth Form student for Work Experience then please contact Mrs McConnell through Attleborough Academy Office