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Year 13 Drama Students Perform Norwich Playhouse

Congratulations to our Year 13 Drama students who gave wonderful performances to enthralled audiences on two occasions this term. First, our Sixth Form students gave a public audience at the professional venue ‘The Norwich Playhouse’ where they successfully presented their extracts from the play ‘Be My Baby’.  They had complex lighting and sound and two of their peers were in full technical control in the lighting and sound box.  This experience was excellent preparation for the exam performance and the paying audience responded with great enthusiasm and praise.

For their assessed final examination at the Drama Studio at AAN in April, the A Level Drama students performed an extended version of their earlier 1960s set excerpts  - this time alongside the other members of the group who presented extracts from the drama “Two”.  These performances were incredibly engaging and members of the audience were moved to tears by the sensitivity of the students’ performance and their communication of the subtleties of the texts.