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Year 13 Leavers' Day

On their last official day at Attleborough Academy, our 2016-2017 Year 13 students  made a tremendous effort dressing up for the occasion and ensured it was a day they would remember for the rest of their lives. Although Year 13s will attend their lessons at the academy up until they sit their final exams in each subject, for these students this was the official end of the seven years of their young lives spent at Attleborough Academy. After a morning of lessons, the Sixth Formers attended a celebration assembly led by Head of Sixth Form Mr Andy Cole, where he rlated anecdotes about individuals and groups of students and showed photos and videos from their time at the Academy. The students then went out into the May sunshine on the Academy playing fields for games of against their contemporaries and tutors.  Later in the day the students enjoyed a barbeque whilst they grouped for photos with the friends and teachers that have been such an important of their lives at Attleborough Academy.