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Student Support

Attleborough Academy Student Support

Monitoring Progress

Monitoring of student progress takes place on a continuous basis, both formally and informally. At the end of the first half-term, as the formal induction period comes to a close, staff will conduct a review of the progress that you have made in several key areas related to your standard of work, attitude, effort and commitment. At every subsequent half-term, an assessment is made of your progress in terms of your academic work and the commitment you are showing to each of your subjects.

Formal reports are written on two occasions throughout the Sixth Form and there are two Parents’ Evenings. At the end of the first term in Year 12, you will receive a subject report. A Parents’ Evening takes place in March of Year 12. In November of Year 13 you will receive another subject report with a Parents’ Evening taking place in February of Year 13.

Tutorial Programme

The tutors, together with the Head of Sixth Form and outside speakers, implement the Tutorial Programme, which exists to further the personal and social development of each student. Individual tutorials take place at appropriate times throughout the year.

Sixth Form Presidents

There are currently twelve Year 13 students who make up the ‘Presidential Team’, which includes two Lead Presidents, one male and one female. The role of this team is to provide a lead in co-ordinating and motivating the Sixth Form body to be actively involved in Sixth Form life and the wider life of the whole Academy. With this in mind, Presidents may take a leading role in groups set up to develop worthwhile activities in areas such as sport, drama, the arts, the environment, charity events and social activities, including the Year 13 Leavers Formal.