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Physical Education

Course description 

The course consists of demonstrating practical ability in three sports from two different activity areas, assessment and evaluation in one of the selected sports and two theory exams. The theory element covers a wide range of sports including a coursework element.

Course structure 


Paper 1 - The human body and movement in physical activity and sport.

Written exam: 1 hour 15 minutes

78 Marks

30% of GCSE       


Paper 2 - Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport.

Written exam: 1 hour 15 minutes

78 marks

30% of GCSE


Practical Assessment

3 different sports in the role player/performer.  At least one team activity, one individual sport must be seen.

Analysis and evaluation of performance to bring about improvements in one activity.



The course is assessed  through two exam papers, consisting of multiple choice, short and long answer questions - 60%. Pupils will be assessed in three practical activity assessments (40%) of three different activities over two activity groups in the role of participant.

Coursework explanation

Students must answer questions relating to rules, regulations, observation and analysis, planning strategies to improve performance and principals of leadership. For one of their selected sports, students will need to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses of performance. They will need to produce an action plan of how they would improve their main weaknesses



Internal                                    Early March 2019       

External                                   Late March 2019

Observation and Analysis       May half-term 2019

What you can do to help

Ensure your child is regularly participating in sporting activity in and out of school. They will need to practice regularly in the four sports they select for assessment as well as following the sports, to aid knowledge and understanding of rules, tactics and strategies.  Attendance at extra-curricular activities is a requirement of the course and assistance with homework tasks is beneficial as they will receive a written piece of homework once a week. They need to have appropriate PE kit and equipment for all lessons.

When will parents be informed of problems?

Parents will be informed of any problems during the first half of the Summer Term from Easter to June half-term.

How parents can help with coursework/Controlled Assessment

Parents can help to encourage students by showing interest and discussing their coursework, by checking their homework diaries and ensuring that tasks are being completed by the date set.