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Having a formal uniform is an important part of Academy life. It provides the Academy and all students with a strong common identity.

If worn properly, it sends out a message to peers and the wider community that Attleborough Academy Norfolk is a place of importance and endeavour that takes pride in itself and everything it does. It promotes high standards and expectations and sends out a firm signal of the attitudes and behaviours required inside the Academy to promote effective learning. We believe therefore that the uniform must be non-negotiable, consistent and crucially, worn correctly.

Full details of the Academy uniform can be found in the Parent Handbook.

Stevensons supplies Attleborough Academy's uniform.

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Unacceptable uniform

If a student cannot adhere to any of the requirements above, parents and carers are asked to provide a note to explain the reason (i.e. medical). A uniform pass will then be issued. Any student not providing a parental note will receive a 'U' on the school behaviour system.

Most of the above is non-negotiable but members of staff will be on duty daily to adjudicate on questionable items of uniform and clothing.