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Course requirements 

Core Science, Additional Science, Further Additional Science BB or Chemistry B plus Maths C and English Language C equivalent.

Course description 

This course provided by OCR gives you the skills and understanding to make decisions about the way Chemistry affects your everyday life by applying concepts into a range of contemporary areas of chemistry. In addition, an A Level in Chemistry allows you to develop a range of generic skills requested by both employers and universities. A Chemist will be an effective problem solver, communicator and be able to handle data. You will build up your practical skills and develop a firm understanding of health and safety issues through a variety of experimental work.

AS Components

  • Foundations of chemistry
  • Chemistry in depth

A2 Components

  • Fundamentals of chemistry
  • Scientific literacy in chemistry
  • Practical skills in chemistry 
  • AS – Written Examination - Paper 1 – 90 minutes – 50% of AS
  • AS – Written Examination - Paper 2 – 90 minutes – 50% of AS
  • A Level – Written Examination – Paper 1 – 135 minutes – 41% of A Level
  • A Level – Written Examination – Paper 2 – 135 minutes – 37% of A Level
  • A Level – Written Examination – Paper 3 – 90 minutes – 22% of A Level In addition students of A2 can be awarded a non-examined practical endorsement 

A high quality academic qualification leading to a wide range of degree level courses including medicine, engineering and pharmacy.