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Curriculum Statement

Students at Attleborough Academy Norfolk will have an equal opportunity and entitlement to an appropriately broad and balanced curriculum. This will be provided within the spirit of the National Curriculum policy and guidance.

All students will have an entitlement and access to National Curriculum subjects along with Religious Studies, Personal, Social, Health Education and Sex and Relationships Education will be delivered in Citizenship lessons and careers education and guidance will be delivered within Steps for Success lessons.

All students will have an entitlement and access to a curriculum provision, which is appropriate to their needs and abilities.

The time allowed for each curriculum subject and the way in which students are grouped will reflect the needs and resources of the Academy and will be reviewed on an annual basis by the management of the Academy.

Key Stage 3

From Year 7 to Year 8, all students study Art, Citizenship, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Drama, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, a Modern Foreign Language, Music, Physical Education, PSHE within Citizenship and the tutor time/assembly programme, Religious Studies, Science and Steps to Success.

Key Stage 4

All students study the core subjects of Citizenship, Computer Science, English, English Literature, Mathematics, PE, Religious Studies, Science and Steps for Success. All students study an ICT-based qualification to examination level at Key Stage 4. Students then have three guided choices from the ‘option’ subjects of Art, Business, Drama, French, Geography, German, Graphic Products, History, BTEC Music, Product Design, GCSE PE or BTEC PE.

Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is integrated within the Academy. A wide range of Advanced Level courses are offered together with additional voluntary enrichment activities such as main school link and paired reading. We also have a linking arrangement with Wymondham College, which enables us to extend the number of opportunities and courses available to students. A separate brochure is available on request.

Student Groupings

In Key Stage 3, students are taught in mixed ability groups in English and Humanities and ability groups in Mathematics, Modern Languages and Science.

Religious Education

This is delivered in accordance with the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus, a copy of which may be viewed at the Academy on request. Parents and carers have a right to withdraw their child from Religious Education and collective worship either in whole or part. Alternative provision will be made according to the reasons for withdrawal. Parents and carers are invited to discuss the matter with the Academy and should contact the Principal in the first instance.

Collective Worship

All students have an Academy assembly and a House assembly every week. In addition to this, all students have a formal period of reflection each day, in form time, where they are invited to reflect on the weekly themes which are broadly of a Christian nature.

Citizenship and PSHE

Citizenship is taught as a discrete subject at Key Stage 3 and an option at KS4. The subject covers a broad base for personal and social development and includes relationships, lifestyle, rights, society and authority.

Sex and Relationships Education

Sex Education is dealt with in accordance with the National Curriculum and the Norfolk Education Authority Policy Statement that has been adopted by the Academy Council members. It forms part of the planned work in several subjects and is included in the work of most year groups. Staff and Council members working together have carefully planned its delivery. Human reproduction is taught with due regard to moral considerations and the value of family life. A copy of the Sex Education programme may be viewed at the Academy on request.

Parents and carers are reminded that they can withdraw their child from all or part of the Sex Education provided in the Academy. Again, parents and carers are invited to discuss the matter with the Academy and should contact the Principal in the first instance.

Examination Entry

All students who follow a course in any subject will have the opportunity to be entered in the appropriate examination provided they fulfill all specified coursework requirements/controlled assessment requirements.

Charging and Remissions Policy

The Governing Body of the school has adopted the Norfolk County Council’s Policy on charging for school activities.


Arrangements are in place under the 1988 Education Reform Act for dealing with formal complaints (to the Governing Body, the LEA or both) about the curriculum or any related matter. The school has a policy based on Local Authority guidance and this has been agreed by Council members. A copy of the policy is available on request.

Preparation for Life

A number of subjects contribute to the Enterprise Education and Preparation for Life e.g. Steps for Success. Work Experience placements will be offered to Year 10 students in 2015. A number of conferences and off-timetable days are also run.

During the last week of June, all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 undertake activities to develop their enterprise skills and promote awareness of local charities ,engagement with the local community and provide the opportunity to develop as a citizen through voluntary work as part of our “Pledge week”. The normal school timetable is suspended for the week to enable students and staff to work together on a number of projects. The rationale behind the week is that in the 21st Century, all citizens need to be enterprising and outward looking both in their work and in their personal lives. Businesses need employees who are innovative in their approach to solving problems and who can cope with uncertainty and change.


Should you require any further information about the Curriculum then please contact Mr C Barns, Deputy Principal via the Academy Office by telephoning 01953 452335 or by email