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J F Bujak Travel Bursary

Bujak Bursary
J F Bujak Travel Bursary Recipients

The J F Bujak Travel Bursary has been granted by the Bujak Trust to commemorate the Norfolk family roots of Philip Bujak. Philip's family, on his mother's side (Forster), have lived in Attleborough for over 300 years and many were taught at the Primary School while his father settled in the town having arrived with the Polish Army from Italy in 1947.

Philip Bujak was a student at Attleborough High from 1971 to 1976 and since leaving school, Philip has enjoyed a highly successful career. After Philip spent a period of time in The Junior Leaders Regiment, he went on to study English and European Political History at the University of East Anglia, going from there to begin his career in teaching. Beginning his teaching career at Wymondham College as a Teacher of History, Philip moved to Langley School in Norfolk as Head of History and between 1985 and 1994, he was the boarding boys' Housemaster of Beauchamp House. Philip was then appointed Headmaster of Stover School for Girls in 1994 where he had a significant impact on enlarging the school and placing it at the forefront of schools in Devon.

In 2004, Philip was appointed Chief Executive of Montessori, a national school movement of over 700 nursery schools and 35,000 pupils. He retired in 2014 and is now a freelance writer.

The bursary will be granted to Sixth Form students who have the vision and ideas but do not have the means to complete their educational journey. A total of £1000 per annum has been granted. This may be awarded as either one £1000 payment or two £500 payments to the successful applicant or applicants.

To be eligible for a bursary up to a maximum of £1000, you must be a Sixth Form student at Attleborough Academy Norfolk (AAN). You should ideally be in receipt of the 16-19 Bursary Fund but this is not compulsory. You must have a dream or ambition that you are passionate about but do not have the necessary funds to pursue. If, for example, you have the dream to become a volunteer or temporary teacher within a third world country, the bursary could help you fund the opportunity to gain the experience you need.

To apply for this bursary, you need to write a letter to the Principal and to Philip Bujak. In this letter, you need to explain in detail why you believe you qualify for the bursary and how it can help you to pursue the career or dream you have. AAN Sixth Formers who are interested in applying should click the link below which will direct you to the AAN Sixth Form log-in page where you can complete the form. Your application will then be submitted to Mr McShane for review with the Bursary Panel. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview the Principal, Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Principal to discuss the application in more detail.

J F Bujak Travel Bursary Application Link

To be successful in your application, your project must be organised through a nationally recognised organisation, body or institution.

Organisations you could look at are:

Original Volunteers
i to i Volunteering
Voluntary Services (VSO)
Global Volunteer Network
Real Gap

The bursary will therefore act as a part of your required fundraising for the project and as such, the Academy will only act as a facilitator to enable you to access the bursary as part of the sponsorship required by the organising body.

If your application is successful and you pursue your ambition, you will be required to write an article on completion of your project which will be published on the Academy website. You will also be given the opportunity to present a short assembly to the Academy community to share your experience and inspire others to follow their amibitions.