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The Bountiful SEND Garden

Part of the alternative provision given by the SEND department is a garden club, which makes great use of the wonderful academy garden behind the David Bartram building. So far this year  the SEND garden has been very bountiful. In September we began by picking our runner bean crop. We also grew some cucumbers, and although they were quite small, they were actually very nice to eat. The garden also gave us a bumper crop of tomatoes The most surprising plants were the gourds, which grew everywhere, even branching across planters and up nearby hedges. We decided to use the gourds in our Halloween decorations. The students and teachers decorated the gourds into funny faces.

Next year we hope to grow even more, and Ezzie’s advice for growing is “Do not have a plant pot in the shade, because it won’t grow that much.” He wants to plant strawberries and herbs next time, and sell them for a profit! Fingers crossed for some lovely sunny weather to help Ezzie and the other SEND gardeners in their continuing garden adventures.