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English Students visit Shakespeare’s Globe

At the end of the Summer Term, the Sixth Form English A Level students moving from Year 12 to Year 13 in September benefitted from a visit to London’s Globe to witness a production of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. For both the Language and Literature and the solely Literature students, Shakespeare knowledge is an intrinsic and important part of their A Level study; for the Literature students there is a specific The Winter’s Tale analysis question in their final examinations. For many of the English students this was their first experience of watching a production in the theatre that is a facsimile of the magnificent Elizabethan theatre where many of Shakespeare’s plays were originally performed. The Attleborough students enjoyed a lively performance which added to their understanding of both this specific play and Shakespeare. It also gave them a glimpse into history and to how a contemporary Elizabethan audience would have experienced his play at the original 1599 Globe Theatre.