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Mannequin Challenge for Children in Need

In a bid to raise money for Children in Need, on Friday 18 November, AAN Sixth Form staff and students took part in the Mannequin Challenge. At 08.40, the entire Sixth Form assembled on the playground to listen to Head of Sixth Form, Mr Cole's instructions prior to filming - the whole project had to be set up and filming complete in the twenty minutes available before the start of lessons. The students all moved to the Forster Study Centre and took up their frozen poses in the study rooms, corridors and around the building and within minutes, Mr Cole moved between the 'mannequins' that adorned the Sixth Form area. The whole group re-assembled to record a message to promote the number to phone to donate for Children in Need; the entire challenge completed well in advance of the bell for Period 1 sounding!!  Mr Cole added music to the film and by break, AAN Sixth Form's Mannequin Challenge was there for world viewing on Youtube!!! Congratulations to everyone involved.