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Paris Trip 2017

In June 2017 a group of year 7-9 students travelled to Paris to visit sights they have learned about in their French lessons. The group travelled by coach and ferry and spent 3 days exploring the city and surrounding area. On day two they were treated to a boat cruise on the river Seine, a guided coach tour of famous sites and a trip to the top of Montparnasse tower to experience spectacular views of the city from above. They even climbed to the top of the L’Arc De Triomphe to enjoy another view of the city. Dinner was served in a restaurant called Flamms where the students tasted flammkuechen, a traditional food from the Alsace region of France resembling thin pizza with a variety of different toppings. On day three the students went to Disneyland where they all went on lots of rides. Some adventurous thrill seekers even braved the Indiana Jones and Thunder Mountain rollercoasters. The students also stocked up on Disney merchandise and mouse ears became a fashion essential for the rest of the trip. After a dinner of turkey and pasta, the students went to bed tired and happy. On the final day they visited a shopping centre to use up their left over euros before travelling back to Attleborough.