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Practical Information


Full attendance is vital if students are to achieve their potential. Students are required to attend daily registration and a tutor or subject tutor will take a register each lesson. The attendance levels of students are closely monitored. Failure to attend fully can lead to students being withdrawn from examination entries and in the most serious cases being asked to leave the Academy. In line with Norfolk Children’s Services policy, the Academy does not support students taking family holidays during term time.

In the case of student absence, please call the Sixth Form Absence Line on 01953 450338 early in the morning on the (first) day of absence and any subsequent mornings, to inform Sixth Form staff of the reason for absence..

Class Sizes

Smaller groups are an important factor in the success achieved by our students. They provide for frequent, detailed and high quality oral and written feedback. This will help you to assess your own progress and set realistic targets for future improvement. There will be, as in most Sixth Form institutions, a minimum number of students for each teaching group.

This means that some courses offered may not run if the number of interested students is below that minimum.

Dress Code

Attleborough Academy Sixth Form students are not required to wear a uniform and there is no formal dress code. We do expect students to dress in a manner appropriate to their studies and one which does not cause offence to other members of the Academy community, particularly members of the Main Academy.

ICT Facilities

Sixth Form students have access to the Sixth Form block - in which are over 50 desktop PCs available for students to use. In addition, the Academy allows Sixth Form students to use the Guest Wifi using their own devices.

Travel Arrangements

There are, of course, the normal bus routes to the surrounding villages. All students in Norfolk who use an Academy bus in the Sixth Form are required to make a contribution towards the cost of provision. The transport department of the Local Authority can advise you of the current charge, how to apply and the deadline date for applying. We also have a minibus service that covers the villages surrounding Watton to the west, and as far as East Harling to the east.